In Memory

Bruce Edward Lint

Bruce Edward Lint

    Bruce Edward Lint was born in Southington, CT, 11/20/47 to Muriel Rollins Lacombe and Warren Lint. He grew up in Meriden, CT. He had a close relationship with his step-father, Charlie Lacombe. He served in Vietnam as a radioman and spoke Vietnamese.  He was exposed to Agent Orange, while in the service. 

    He married his first wife, Cheryl McKeel, 7/31/69, in San Mateo, CA. She grew up in Meriden, CT. He had a son, Sean Edward Lint, with Cheri. He had his second son, Bruce Edward Lint Jr., with his second wife, Gloria Ramierez. He married her in Los Angeles, CA in 7/31/77.  She was from Guatemala. 

    When he was younger, he wanted to become a Chemical Engineer and work with polymers, but his addictions and PTSD prevented that. He traveled all over the country, selling artwork and playing guitar. A man named Arthur Cave got him the help he needed to live the best he could in Portland, OR. 

    Bruce Lint died of cancer and heart failure 2/16/08, in Portland, OR. He was buried by the VA in Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, OR.  He is survived by his sister Brenda Lint, his brother Bryan Lint, his half-brother Robert Greco and his two sons.

(Obit provided by his niece.)